Fraser and Emory Lodges

Accommodates up to 4 per room
Come stay in these comfortable lodges. Spacious rooms are furnished with queen size beds and bunk beds, all with private bathrooms. Three rooms are fully wheelchair accessible. Each lodge has comfortable lounges and meeting spaces that are perfect places to meet, visit and relax. Linens (blanket, sheets and towel) can be purchased for a modest fee during registration. A couple of private rooms are also available for an additional $30.

$210 Early Bird (Jan 31) | $230 Regular (Feb 22)

Squeah Lodge

Accommodates up to 8 per room
Most accommodation is bunk-bed style and most rooms have four bunks with a total of eight beds. Many rooms contain beds with one slide-out bottom bunk to provide a double bed. Washrooms for the lodge sleeping area are multiple shared toilet and sink units. A separate shower room, with private shower units, is also on the same level.

$190 Early Bird (Jan 31) | $210 Regular (Feb 22)



There are spaces for RV camping with hookups for electricity. Water hookup is not available due to the cold weather and neither is sewer. Washrooms and showers are nearby.

$140 Early Bird (Jan 31) | $160 Regular (Feb 22)

Day Pass

New Low Rate!
We’re introducing a lower price for the day pass to make Oasis more affordable and to give women who cannot commit to the full weekend away, an opportunity to still be included in this restorative retreat. The Day Pass lets women participate in Oasis and all activities on Saturday, March 7th from 9:30am til the day ends.

$60 (by Feb. 22)


IMPORTANT: Due to limited space in Fraser and Emory Lodges, if you do not designate 3 roommates on your registration form, then you may be placed with people you do not yet know. If you have opted not to reserve linens on your registration form ($15), then communicate with your roommates about your sleeping arrangements so you will know what size bedding to bring. You will need twin size bedding or sleeping bag for the bunk bed, queen size bedding for queen size bed and a towel. Private rooms in Emory & Fraser are available for an additional $30, but only a few are available, so first come, first served!

View of Fraser Lodge

View from Balcony of Fraser Lodge

Lounge of Fraser and/or Emory Lodge

Room in Fraser and/or Emory Lodge