hope bc oasis retreatColourful Expressions in Ink

A bold expression of colour splashed on to tile resulting in a joyful display of rather abstract artistic flair. Joanne Denniston uses vibrant alcohol inks on white tile, with the aid of pressurized air to disperse and blend colour–it’s magical.

hope bc oasis retreatRock Painting Inspirations

Be creative! Be inspired! Transform ordinary rocks into charming art, interesting designs or words of wisdom.

hope bc oasis retreatCraft Corner

This is the time to work on your vision! Do you have a small craft project you have been wishing to give a little attention to? The craft corner is a space to visit, keep you hands busy and, of course, to relax. Bring your crocheting, beading, drawings, your passion, and share what you love!

hope bc oasis retreatThrifting

This is for all you thrifters! Downtown Hope has a number of quaint thrift shops and artisan boutiques just waiting to be explored! on your own or with a group, spend the afternoon visiting and treasure hunting.

hiking hope bc oasis retreat

Guided Hike

The myriad of trails from Camp Squeah will take you to a variety of exciting places, depending on your preference and skill level. Join a Squeah staff member and enjoy some time in the beautiful surroundings of Camp Squeah. If you prefer to hike without our guide, a trails map is available.

hope bc oasis retreat

Board Games

Who wants to play games!! Bring your own to share or choose from the pile. A time to laugh and relax or compete for bragging rights! Ha!

workshops hope bc oasis retreat