Creating Margin

Presenter: Connie Cavanaugh
Description: This workshop is designed to give you tools in Biblical mentoring or informally counseling women. It will address questions such as: (1) How do you help women move beyond the pain they are living in? (2) What happens when a friend discusses a major decision – where do you point them? (3) How can listening to the Holy Spirit help in times of mentoring?



SKIN IS IN: Addressing the Hot Topic of Porn ‘n’ Culture

Presenter: Melissa McVety
Description: Many parents believe that the character of their children will protect them from the dangers of the online world. Unfortunately the usual reality is that the online world bombards them, and because of hormones and peer influence they don’t stand a chance. Their character may be solid and they may even be able to avoid things like cyber bullying and inappropriate self expression, but the world of porn usually manages to set deep roots past the wall of character that they have. Melissa will teach us how to apply God’s truth when dealing with the silent topic of pornography in our culture and the church.