Canada Pacific District NMI Council Members

(June 2022-May 2023)

President – Rev. Anne Scarrow
Vice President – Mrs. Barbara Taggart
Treasurer – Rev. Heather Keats
Secretary – Ms. Gail Reddicopp
Other Members –
Rev. Clementine Marie Uwizeye
Mrs. Dorothy Bradley
Mr. Merv Black
Mr. Don Johnson
Mr. Richard Bahan
Rev. Magally Figueroa

Contact NMI President
Rev. Anne Scarrow

A minimum of 4 times per Church year or more as needed. (first day after District Assembly June – May the following year)

Members of the Church of the Nazarene (minimum 15 years old) and presently serve in the Local Church NMI and demonstrate a passion for Missions.
All District NMI Council Members are elected by Canada Pacific District Delegates at the Annual Canada Pacific District Assembly for a period determined of one or two year terms

Financial Donations
All Financial Donations are sent to:
Canadian National Offices
Church of the Nazarene Canada
3657 Ponytrail Drive
Mississauga, ON L4X 1W5

– Indicate the Person(s) to whom the gifts are to be credited and the name of the Chu