SDMI Canada/USA Field Coordinator

– Dr. Ian Fitzpatrick

The Canadian SDMI Chairpersons meet regularly via Zoom under the leadership of Dr. Fitzpatrick and we have been privileged to have the Global SDMI Director, Dr. Scott Rainey, meet with us on more than one occasion. This regular meeting is proving to be a source of encouragement, enlightenment and inspiration. Bringing the Canadian SDMI chairpersons together across this vast country is a great blessing.

The Canada Pacific District SDMI Council is Composed of:

  • A Chairperson, currently Rev. Lorna Bartram (SDMI functions under a different model than the auxiliaries, NYI and NMI, and therefore has a chairperson vs a President or Vice-President)
  • 3 elected representatives (cyclical terms)
  • Appointed Members
    • LAMP Representative
    • Camp Directors (appointed by the Camp Board annually)
    • Retreat Directors
    • Other District level Ministry Leaders as developed
  • Ex-Officio Members
    • District Superintendent
    • NYI President
    • NMI President