Use the form below to post your special event on the District website.

The purpose of submitting a local church event is to promote a special event hosted by your church and to extend the invitation to the district wide community. The goal is to connect the many communities that make up the Canada Pacific District, so others may see what is happening on the District even if they cannot attend the event. Types of events that would apply here would be Faith Promise Weekend, fundraisers, guest speakers, revival service, special service or celebration. Events that should not be posted here are regularly scheduled events such as Sunday Worship Services and weekly church activities. You may use your newly created event listing to promote your event on your social media (use the social share buttons on the listing) and direct people to your event page for more information using the URL of the event you just posted. Each event will be shared on the Canada Pacific District Facebook Group and the next 4 upcoming church events will appear on the “Hub” section of this homepage.

Each event submission must have the following information:

Event Title, Description, Date, Time, Location, Organizer and please select the Category “Local Church Event”. View the video guides for further instruction. Once you have pressed the “Submit” button, scroll back up to the top of the form and click on the button “Go back to events list” in order to view your newly posted event on the Calendar page.

Only users who have registered and logged-in may submit events to the District Calendar.