In the Church of the Nazarene we organize our many local churches into geographic regions called “districts”. We are the Canada Pacific District.

The general purpose of a district organization is to assist local churches to thrive within their respective communities, while also enabling the many churches to cooperate as “ONE Church” so as to reach to people where the church is not yet present.

We are one of five districts spread across Canada (and of hundreds of other districts in 163 world areas). Our bounds include the Province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Within our district are 25 different local churches operating in 6 languages, and 2 compassion centres.

Managing and cooperating over such a vast region is extraordinarily challenging. However, our collective commitment to think of ourselves as “ONE Church” drives us to support one another and work together. Additionally, we are learning to leverage the tools and reach of the internet… even seeking to establish “virtual church communities” with no fixed location.


The Church of the Nazarene

Beyond our own district we are committed to the world-wide ministry of the Church of the Nazarene who’s focused mission is stated simply, ‘To make Christ-like disciples in the nations.’